The Governor's Program for Gifted Children

GPGC 2024 | JUNE 9 – JULY 20

Weekly Reports – Composition, Week One

Here are some reports from the teachers of each of our Composition classes for the last week in the Program. We have organized them by class:

Freshman Composition (Ms. Cecil Tate, Instructor)

This week the students wrote letters of introduction to me and practiced several writing strategies. They also wrote an anecdote which began in medias res. On Friday the students watched the Odyssey and took notes on point of view, character development, and plot structure.


Sophomore Composition (Ms. Stacey Simien, Instructor)

This week was all about narrative writing. We started the week learning about how to write a narrative and the elements that make up a good narrative. We practiced writing descriptively each day when telling a story. The final assignment of the week was an Anecdotal Biography assignment.


Senior Composition & Grad English (Brett Hanley, Instructor)

In both classes, we’ve focused on writing and reading poetry. I introduced students to formal poetry (sonnets and villanelles), and they wrote their own. We also read and discussed Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, confessional poetry, and free verse contemporary poetry.


GPGC gave me a sense of community,

a place where being smart was acceptable, where bullying was not the norm, and where creativity was welcomed.

– Cashman P., Alumnus