The Governor's Program for Gifted Children

GPGC 2024 | JUNE 9 – JULY 20

More Testimonials

A Broader Perspective

“The program gave our kids a larger world view. They came back
understanding more clearly than ever that the world is a lot larger
than their school and neighborhood.
They became more discriminating learners. They appreciate far
better when a teacher does a good job (regardless of whether the
class is “tough” or not). And the reverse: they tend to recognize
when the teacher or curriculum isn’t up to standard.
The kids that you drop off aren’t the kids that come home. That can
be a little scary. They come home wiser, more self-confident, more
independent, and more mature. But they also come home more
appreciative of things they didn’t notice before (like mom cooking
their favorite meals or having time to watch something on TV)”

-Melissa Chambers, GPGC Parent

In Their Element

“‘This place is so cool, and everyone is so intelligent!,’ was a
comment from our daughter, her first year, within her first week, her
first phone call.
With this thought and statement, I knew we had made the correct
decision, whether or not to send a very young child of 12, 162 miles
away, on a college campus, living in a college dorm, with complete
strangers and entrusting strangers with her well being.
She is definitely in her element. These Gifties understand each
other, get to be themselves, understand each others jokes, can
relate to one another, continue to amaze the staff, friends and
parents. They are more secure and social, relating to various ages
with more confidence.
Those fortunate enough to be part of this experience are nourished
both academically and socially, and will producea rich lifeofsuccess,
they have been taking, nurtured by this GPGC experience”

-Elizabeth Richardson, GPGC Parent

See How They’ve Grown

“One more week and we get our kids back. They will not be the
same child that left home 6 weeks ago, but they will be a much
more interesting person. Take a deep breath and listen to their
stories of adventure, emotional successes and failures. It may be
one of the few times your child will want to tell you so much about
their lives. Their relationship with you can also be redefined at this
time. This may be an opportunity to grow closer if you can stop
yourself from being judgmental. Remember they have had to make
all their own decisions for the past few weeks. Good luck and bring
a hankie l I sit there during final performances with so much pride
and happiness that it is by far the most rewarding experience of
my life and especially of my parenting experiences

-Nancy Donnes, GPGC Parent


“GPGC is a remarkable experience for every gifted child, and it has
made an enormous impact on our daughter, who has come out of it,
truly transformed in every way.”

-Sheela Babu, GPGC Parent

One of the best parts of the program

for me was, for once, it allowed me to be one of the "normal" kids, instead of the "brainiac" nerd. I cherish that gift.

– George A., Alumnus